<rant>Can we agree to keep real life drama out of EVE?

Don't take this as an "OMG stfu with ur problems" take this as a "you will likely get trolled for your problems, and the fallout of that is bad for everyone, so please seek help [elsewhere]

Allow me to rephrase:

If you show vulnerability here, people will take hurt you. But instead of asking people not to hurt you - because come on, it's unreasonable to ask members of this community to be civil - I'm going to ask you to not show vulnerability.


Further, the rest of us are here trying to escape real life, are not licensed psychiatric professionals, and have made no promise or agreement to be kind, patient, or caring towards you.

If you don't like that someone is asking for help in that way, keep. Your. Mouth. Shut. Have some decency and ignore it. You don't have to join in and start helping him, but the least you can do is not lash out at him for asking a community that he cares about for emotional support. I'm sorry, but the lack of compassion exhibited by that response is just shocking.

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