What experience made you grow the fuck up?

So i'm a long time lurker. I never post. Reddits got me thru alot though. I dunno what i'd do without this site.

Anyways ill make it as short and sweet as I can though its years of stuff.

So I got hurt at work. The company said they'd take care of me,fix me, and id be back to work soon. As long as it's no Narcotics . Well it took 4 1/2 years. My foot is so messed up that Iowa City, Mao clinic and a couple of reg pain doctors come up with dif diagnosis.

Ok, well what to do. So I get every shot, every Ablation, every kinda crazy they say will fix me.

None of it works. So a regional Doc says well we got implants now that will fix you. Cool i said cause now its almost 2 years in of not walking. Its called a Spinal Cord Stimulater. Work says its fine if I get 1. I try it out and the stimulation is right on my foot. Feels kinda cool like my foots asleep. Ok I can do this I think. Ill be a cyborg lol. When its done it's not exactly the same area. I love the thing but it doesn't go far enough into my foot.

Well shit wtf do I do now you know? Alright back to starting area. I go back to all these doctors. Same ol stories. Same shit for 2 more years i'm bounced around.

Then i'm sitting there for some kinda treatment and read 1 of those doc pamplets. I only pick it up cause it's about Pain Treatment. Wtvr I say wtf do they know.

Well this 1 was about a Nonarcotic pain pump that uses Prialt. If your not busy check it out it's a very neat drug.

It works. I'm a cyborg and get called all the name's under the sun, but im fixed. I can walk, I can walk around w/out being in pain.

It's amazing. Something finally worked. I have 0 pain. I can go back to work.

Anyways, so i put in to come back, everything's good. Nothing should be a factor cause I was a welder for alot of time, but when I left I was assembly, forklift. So I would come back to that same job title when allowed back.

Well everything goes good until the last day when they tell me because of my implants I cannot go into the factory.

I didn't freak out. I wanted to. No I asked calmly what had changed because i was told the implants were fine every time I had them done.

Short and sweet. It's over. I have no issurance to pay for the implant to get refilled. I have no pay. I'm screwed.

Am I mad at the company. I dunno. They did fix me. It just took a Hockey Puck sized thing extending from my stomach to do it. I always thought they might screw me over, but I never thought they'd go back on there word. I'm to trusting I dunno.

This last 2 weeks has really grown me up. I've had times that I thought were bad. I was full time army when Iraq started and did go to Iraq when it started. I thought those days sucked. Nope having 0 pay comming in and 0 insurance for my wife and kid gut punched me into wow man wtf do I do now.

Any1 who actually reads this whole thing I will say I saved up enough money for quite awile. me and the wife have lived off bare minimum for the last 2 years. We didn't see it happening this way, but just in case we saved enough to last me for 3 months. Also I know i'm a vet so I'm headed to the VA very soon to figure out if they can do anything about my Prialt Pump. Hopefully they can do something.

So ending what do I say? I'm fixed as long as my cyborg pump is filled every few months. How to get that filled though. Most companies wont hire me cause of these implants. I'm going to apply to everywhere I can for anything resembling what I can do. I'm not sposed to weld but if I can I will. I just hope maybe I can take another trade skill/class that I don't have to worry about these implants.

So ya, no pity party. what happened to me happened. It's just worrying about health insurance for my wife and kid Grew me up more than anything on this earth and I seen some stuff. That's a whole nother story. Sorry if this seems like venting. Like I said lurker. I just saw the post and was like wow thats how i'm feeling right now.

Anything any1 going thru pain doctors need help lemme know and I will def help you all I can. Also if wanting to know about Prialt. Stuff is amazing. So ya if any1 needs any help I will def talk to ya cause I had no1 but my wife thru all my stuff.

This will prob be buried and is a wall of text. Thanks Reddit from a lurker =)

Tried to fix any error's for grammer nazi's. Hope i did ok.

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