What Is FDS position on Matchmakers?

The relationship I'm in now, might I add that it's the best relationship I've ever been in, kinda sorta started off as a religious matchmaking type of deal. Only because the person who suggested that we date was someone that had known us both for years, had known what both of us wanted in a partner, and had talked both of us out of terrible relationships before. We'd seen each other around and found each other attractive but never spoke before because I was convinced he was a celibate monk (...long story) and he was beat down and miserable at that point in his life and I sort of was too. It turned out that we had a whole group of mutual friends, acquaintances, etc. so we both knew what the other was presenting themselves as was 100% true. There was accountability from the beginning.

I've seen similar scenarios work out in cultures where a religious leader or elder will pair people up. Obviously everyone involved needs to have good intentions and really know what they're doing, including the person doing the matchmaking.

I would never trust someone who doesn't intimately know both myself and the person they recommend I be with to make a decision like that for me. Money doesn't get you there, you know? Paying a few thousand dollars to someone doesn't make them trustworthy, truly knowledgeable about your or the other person, wise, etc. They are literally just doing the bare minimum to get paid, like any other job.

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