What feature do you think should have been/would be cool in MGSV?

A New Boss Unit that is similar to the B&B Unit, Cobra Unit, Dead Cell, ect. Even though my concept is not that original, my idea for this "new" unit would be based on iconic 70s-90s horror icons. The unit could be called the elite skull unit. Since the game is open world, some architecture had to be put in these bosses. Two of the bosses I came up with would be based on the predator and the xenomorph (mortal kombat x design) The predator battle would have some elements based on the classic mgs sniper battle, but with a twist, you use the environment to counter it, not your weapons since the predator has many gadgets so you are essentially the prey the whole time. The Xenomorph would be in an abandoned building where you're be hunted once again but you can counter it with your weapons and environment but the xenomorph has tracker drones per say and you have to eliminate them without them spotting you and you also must keep track of the boss itself by sonar, tracks, and sound. The next one is based on Freddy Krueger who's fight is a combination of the sorrow and psycho mantis with a new element with him using illusions of your fears such as pazes death, doubts about you being big boss, diamond dogs being destroyed by either enemies or itself, and skull face. After that battle, you drift into madness with the truth being revealed and also slowly becoming the venom snake you see in the msx games. In gameplay, after the battle, you see illusions of skull face while you slowly see yourself becoming him sorta like how the joker was in Arkham Knight. After that is a boss based on Jason has a chainsaw for an arm and the battle takes place in the woods with a small lake. This fight is a combination of the predator fight I mentioned earlier, the fight with pain in mgs3, and the fight with Vulcan raven with CQC and weapons involved with the lake being a factor as well, the final member has 2 inspirations with the first inspiration being Pennywise the clown from the movie it and the second being based on chucky from childs play. This character is an insane and murderous clown type of character who can control and even possess children who you have to rescue from during this mission. The fight will be similar to screaming mantis but the boss itself will be more aggressive and the man weapons he uses is an "illusion/fear gas" which turns the user into something that the victim fears which will already make the chemical that you have in your body even stronger than before and in order to defeat it, you must eat a type of plant that will temporarily halt the effect of the gas and while you're safe, you must knock out the children and use your weapons and cqc to take the boss out. The origins for this unit is that they were the commanders of the skull units but they weren't deployed after the death of skull face because their transformation wasn't complete and were sent by the new commanders of cipher (Dr.Clark and Donald Anderson) to hunt down Quiet (for experimental reasons) and later venom snake. They will be fought during chapter 2 and chapter 4 (chapter 3 in my concept for mgs 5 has you playing as the actual Big Boss with him forming FOXHOUND with Campbell and Dr. Madnar and later Zanzibar Land (after venom snake declares war on big boss) other fights would include psycho mantis, dirty duck, gray fox, Schneider from the msx games, battle gear, ocelot, the sahelanthropus fight in mission 51, an actual eli fight, and big boss. The final boss would be first be with battle gear after big boss tries to negotiate with venom snake after he captured madnar, and phase 2 would be big boss with you playing as venom snake with the destruction of a major FOXHOUND base in the background. After the fight, big boss gets the news that gray fox is captured and the fact that a new metal gear is being built to destroy FOXHOUND and the Patriots/Cipher. You find and protect solid snake as big boss from venom after he declares that he will destroy big bosses "legacy" (his 2 sons) With ocelot protecting the other (eli) after venom attempts to execute him when eli was captured, and after the fight, ocelot leaves diamond dogs with eli and ocelot drops him off at an unknown location (england) Miller left diamond dogs a while ago after he remarked about quiets death and then venom punches him and explains that everything was taken from him such as identity, his freedom, and his love and calls miller a coward because of the fact that miller is using him for revenge only and that miller doesn't think of him in high regards compared to the boss and after the truth is revealed, miller calls him lieutenant instead of boss and after venoms speech, miller remarks that he will never live up to the status of big boss and that he has made some questionable descisions such as letting quiet on the base and freeing Huey. Then Miller says that he should be in charge of Diamond Dogs since he planned everything and he knew what big boss would have wanted. Then Miller says that he quits diamond dogs and he says that anybody is welcomed to join him and 1/5s of the diamond dogs staff joins with one of the members being Schneider who is the co-leader of the resistance. After that venom declares war on cipher and big boss. After several illegal activities such as burning down cipher affiliated villages, drafting child soldiers and developing nuclear weapons, miller and Schneider form the resistance with help of cipher to fight against diamond dogs. That's just one of the few things I would do improve the plot. In my version of mgs5, the game is 5 chapters with 3 being called peace with 75% of the time playing as big boss, and 25% being ven. Chapter 4 is war with 75% venom and 25% boss. Chapter V is victory which is pretty much the final boss. Gameplay wise, new buddies for venom would be the bosses from mg1 (except for the vehicles.) and Vulcan raven. Big Bosses buddies would be the bosses of mg2:ss, decoy octopus, and gray fox. The battle gear will also be playable. That's how I would change mgs5.

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