What harm is there in being Mormon?

Helps (well, maybe...)

Members are taught to pay careful attention to impressions and feelings which may be useful in making choices which resonate with their core values (values which in most cases aren't their own; just things they are taught they SHOULD value)
An emphasis on family, its structure, and associated activities often produces functional families displaying highly desirable characteristics (which relationships are strained and superficial because no one is ever truly themselves around each other; just a version of themselves that is acceptable to the church)
The sacrifices demanded of full church activity encourage members to become good at managing limited resources. Significant service to members and the community is often rendered (Sacrifices "demanded" are eventually resented; they manage out of foreclosure.  Service is done from a low level of moral reasoning)
The deference and consideration shown to women stands in sharp contrast to the objectifying and belittling behavior that is pervasive in the greater culture (You can objectify a woman without her wearing overtly sexual clothing or without her behaving in an overtly sexual way - a pigeonhole is still a pigeonhole)
Members tend to respect sexuality and are mindful of the negative consequences of sexual relationships outside of marriage. For instance, active LDS are by far the most successful group at avoiding pre-marital sex (You can't respect sexuality when it is taught from a place of fear and shame)
In a variety of ways, members are taught to consider and value the well-being of others, producing morally minded individuals (But from what level of moral reasoning does it come?  Most I've seen stops at the good boy/good girl level; individual people may operate from a higher level, but it's probably inherent.  They would have behaved that way without church involvement at all.)
Members take turns in leadership and supporting roles which helps them to be able to effectively contribute to other organizations (Many leaders are given more responsibility than they can handle and can do harm by giving really bad advice)
The church emphasizes obtaining an education and living a life of continual education, so most members obtain educational certificates, are well-read, and capable of complex thought (Lifelong learners are lifelong learners - they will seek education without the encouragement of the Mormon church.  Education has its own incentives, too, such as being able to get a better job.  Also, many LDS people who sought higher education never used any of it -  women mainly - because they got saddled with 4/5/6 kids before they could do anything with it)
The church runs programs that encourage members to visit one another and look after one another (Again, the effectiveness of the visiting programs is only as good as the person participating.  So many our family had were just blow-hards who came over and wasted our time.  Some were good people who helped, but again, even without the Mormon church, those people were just the sorts who were generous in that way anyway)
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