What He Really Thinks: Trump Mocks Christians, Calls Them ‘Fools’ and ‘Schmucks’

Guys like Jim Bakker know full well what Trump really believes, because they believe the exact same thing. Of course they'll continue to support him. They're addicted to money, and he does nothing but help them continue that addiction unimpeded.

That's really all it takes. If people like him say Trump is good, then his followers will buy it like a big ol' bucket of literal slop. If you know of a televangelist/evangelist who has a wife with Karen hair and big pearl earrings, I promise you; they run a "business".

I learned real quick, having family that run churches, that they're just Gypsies with a better game plan.

I do know some lovely people who are religious though. They go to churches that seat a dozen people, in the middle of nowhere, and are as sweet as can be. They don't have a positive opinion of Trump

Granted, they're very hillbilly, so they hate all politicians and government regardless. There's a difference between redneck and hillbilly in that regard.

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