What human interaction is memorable to you, but the other person has probably forgotten?

Way back in the days of the Cold War, my dad was in the Army and was ordered to report to a base in Germany. This would be the first time I had been out of the state we lived in, and the first time out of country as well. More importantly, it was going to be my first time flying, and I was terrified. My father went over first to get things ready for us and got settled into his new duty station, and the family was to follow a couple weeks later. For whatever reason, the Army, being the bunch of screw ups they are gave us three seats for my mother, my 2 year old brother, and myself. Two seats were together, while the third was several aisles back. Because I was old enough to be left to my own devices (all of 4 years old) and because a complete jerk in the aisle where my mom was sitting refused to trade seats, I was put in a three seat section against a window away from my mom. I don't remember terribly much about the whole ordeal. I remember crying at first, and being upset and scared, but I also remember the 2 German ladies who sat on either side of me during the flight. Even though they didn't speak English very well, I remember them doing their best to comfort me. I remember one of them giving me chocolate milk and being very tender and motherly with me. I can't remember much else about the flight, but I only remember being scared at first, and then not any other bad memories of the 8 hours we must have spent together. I think about them every time I think about Germany (where we eventually spent almost a decade). They were my introduction to Germany and to the German people. The first of many fond memories. I doubt either one of them even thinks about it.

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