What kind of 'out' do you want to get?

I've gone through shit to get my U.S. residency for over seven years, and frankly now I don't even know if being here is what I want anymore. I feel stuck and it's frustrating. Fuck I need to rant:

First: healthcare. Talk about restricting mobility. Why should your employers be responsible for providing health insurance? Lose your job, and you've to pay an arm to visit a doctor, a dentist?! Otherwise be prepared to dish at the very least $150 a month for some half-assed minimal insurance package; or just pay a second rent if you want something decent. Every state has its own bullshit coverage and you've got to reapply every single fucking time you move out. Universal healthcare my ass. Fuck this.

Internet is expensive and service tends to be awful. Oh and it's run like a cartel so some places will only have two providers to choose from. Pick your poison: Times Warner or Cumcast?

Want a university degree? Just sink yourself into debt and be prepared to pay back four years of your life for ten, fifteen, twenty years. And I should be grateful for how fucking lucky I am not to have a debt from obtaining what is now a standard degree in the 21st century job market, wow I should totally jerk off to that! It hurts seeing so many people getting fucked over because, god forbid, they worked to attain higher knowledge. And I can't get a better job without a grad degree but a grad degree is like twice that of an undergrad degree. Which leads me to the following:

You're nothing more but disposable. Work is everything, your life doesn't matter so much, just make money and shut the fuck up. You're perceived as nothing more but a tool. Paternal leave? What the fuck is that?

Oh baby, don't leave! You live and work abroad? Still got to pay up bitch! Only fucking North Korea and open-air prison Eritrea pull this kind of shit on their citizens, and only as a practical joke because their people can't do shit. But no, we can't let you live a life rich of experiences and culture without paying taxes in a country you no longer live in because...Patriotism! why not? Oh man, I'm so glad to be an American/permanent resident, because I am eligible to pay income tax in two countries simultaneously!

You've a two party systems: one half is ran by retards and the other by two-faced hypocrites whipped dipshits; although they're both on the same payroll. Oh and your vote doesn't count as much as that of the electorate college. "Greatest democracy in the world and circlejerk speech about freedom", gosh that makes me cringe.

Oh you don't like immigrants? Just send them a brochure with what I have detailed above so that they can have realistic expectations for their kids' future. But then again, I would get the fuck out anyway if my country was ran by druglords and gangs who make their dough thanks in no part to a sham drug war and a large consumer market. "Oh noes, ISIS is beheading peoplez!!!! Scary arabs!!" when the cartels have been doing this shit over the past decades right at your doorsteps and killed more people in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. Keep watching CNN and Fox: news for assholes, by assholes.

OK, you know what, at least the vast majority of people I have known are cool and caring, and that really counts for something. Plus the U.S. has a fascinating history and so much to explore. I love CA and the National Parks. And really good TV shows. Alright? I'm not anti-America-is-Imperial-Satan but fuck, you've to get bent just to try to live decently here. Sometime there's no humanity in this fucking place. No wonder Americans have a good sense of humor and optimism, because you've got to get through it somehow. I don't want out because the grass is greener on the other side, it's all relative, I'm just tired of trying to make a life here and feel like I'm back at square one. There's more to life than being a wage slave and consumption.

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