What made the worst teacher you ever had so bad?

He wasn't the worst, but he stands out as being the most mentally unstable.

A highschool chemistry/physics teacher and the leader of the honor society.

He got stressed out about things really easy as well as frequently going off on crazy tangents.

When taking chem AP with him he freaked out about being able to cram all the labs and course content into the curriculum in time for the AP test. He insisted there was not enough time to fit it all in. All labs were done after hours with him, at like 8PM. The reason this was especially weird was because I was the only guy in the class, the rest were 8 girls. And he once said before that 'being a teacher isn't all bad because I get surrounded by pretty cheerleaders'. It was really weird.

Sometimes tests got moved to Saturdays because, again, 'we're behind, we won't be able to fit everything in, we have to come in on saturday.'

The problem with his 'no time' worry is that for almost half the class period, 15 to 20 minutes, he'd also talk about his personal life and tell stories, and flirt.

One of the weirdest instances was when a hurricane was approaching the town and a evacuation was going to be required. He started crying in the middle of class. He didn't have room to pack his childhood lego collection and was worried it was going to be destroyed.

And the kicker, the reason he even sticks out to me among several other bad teachers I had. He called a meeting for the honor society one day, I can't recall when but it might have been the last day of school. He went on a rant about how the 'top 10' of his school (which he was apart of) weren't the same as ours. He named each one and told of what they're accomplishments were and how hard they worked and what they made of themselves. He told us our top ten, all in the room (myself included), didn't measure even close.

I'm pretty sure all of them achieved more than being a crazy teacher with pedoish tendencies. At the least I'm pretty sure we all make more money than him within a 8 year time frame. Money isn't everything, but he didn't choose to be a teacher because of the reward in education, he did it because he couldn't find a better job.

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