What do men suffer through that women never know about?

I mean no harm in asking this, I’m truly curious - when do you experience this? I’m a woman, and I’ve always had plenty of male friends. I’ve always supported them through any mental health/emotional struggles and I know other female friends do as well. All of my romantic partners I have supported and encouraged them to be open with me. My current partner’s father set him up with a psychologist but also talks with him about emotional issues openly. Funnily enough, my mother is far more closed off emotionally than my father is, and I’ve only ever had reciprocal talks about mental health with my dad. My partner doesn’t talk all that much with his friends about his emotions but neither do I. What has your experience been with being shut down when trying to open up? Who has told you to “man up”? All of the women I’ve known have said they adore and respect the men around them who open up emotionally. Do you find that this “man up” attitude is coming from fellow men? And does it tend to be the older generations?

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