What is the most bizarre reason a customer got angry with you?

I worked one horrible winter holiday at Toys'r'us. A woman came to the register with 4 different boxes of Pokemon cards, all from different generations, which rang up different prices ranging from $18 to $30. She stopped me and said they're ringing up wrong. I laughed, thinking it was an honest mistake and tried to explain that they were different, but she interrupted me and insisted that the prices were wrong. I tried to explain again, and she still wouldn't let me speak, raising her voice to the point of yelling at me. I was gobsmacked. A manager heard the commotion and came over to see what was going on. This woman, who had barely let me speak three entire words, said, "I'm just over here dealing with this idiot." I will honestly never forget how she said it, her exact tone and looking at me like I was scum. The manager tried to explain the same thing to her that I did, but she kept insisting "They're all Pokemon, they're all the same price. They're all on sale for $20!!" Really, even the $18 one? "No that one's correct." I'm ashamed to say my manager adjusted the prices for this twat, who went on to claim that some legos she bought weren't ringing up right either, to which my manager laughed and asked, "So is everything in the store priced wrong, or just the things you picked out?" She threatened calling corporate, but accepted the price we gave for the legos. I've worked a few jobs that I didn't like, but the worst was definitely Toys'r'us. I have even more stories from that hellscape. Parents can be just awful human beings.

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