What was the most fucked up thing your ex did after you broke up?

I actually just sent this off to my ex's new dude because she would not stop contacting me. I hope this gets some visibility. I changed the names of those involved

Hey man. Im sure you have no idea who I am but I have some things I need to say that you should probably be aware of.

I'm Amys ex boyfriend. Im only telling you this because Im tired of her contacting me. I have a lot to say partly because Ive dealt with more than enough of her shit in the last 3 years than anyone in the world should have on their plate. Ill start off by saying that shes a compulsive liar. We were together for nearly 10 years and I cannot even begin to tell you the things shes lied about. Ill just tell you the most recent one since its what ultimately had me leaving her for good.

When I moved her here we all became kickball teammates. She left the house one night after an argument and moved in with Brent and his girlfriend. Her and I remained together but she lied to Lena, Brent, Brents Girlfriend, Josh and a few other teammates about us being split up. She ended up sleeping with Brent behind my back for close to 2 years all while insisting they were just friends, while other teammates knew they had something going on. Kim was probably the only one who knew about Brent and I at the same time. I confronted Brent about this one day, he had no clue that we were still together. We still tried to work it out even after that fact but she insisted that her and Brent remain friends (yes Im stupid). She continued to sleep with him behind my back for another year or so. I found this out after the fact.

In June or July Amy told me that she went to the doctors and tested positive for herpes. We argued about this for close to 6 months. She insisted that I gave it to her and I knew that it was in no way possible(plus the fact that it was well known that Brents GF had it). I went to the doctors and told them what happened and they went ahead and prescribed me to the same medicine she was taking for it. We argued about how she kept our relationship a secret. She wouldnt own up to anyone about how she was still with me while sleeping with Brent and I had just had enough of her lying so I told her straight up if you cant try to fix what you did then Im out. She couldnt do it. I left her alone for about a month while she pleaded with me and threatend to sue me for giving her herpes, (which is extra hilarious considering how much money she owes me because I basically supported her while she lived with Brent and his Girlfriend and while she lived with Josh) while calling me a huge peice of shit for leaving her after giving her herpes. I start to feel bad and we begin to hang out again in October/November.

In December I dropped her off at the airport to go to San Diego. I picked her up when she got back. Several weeks later I find out that she has been talking to you. How am I supposed to trust that? I tell her straight up there is no fucking way Im believing that you are capable of being friends with a guy(Brent was the 5th person she slept with behind my back, yes, Im stupid). I needed her to come clean and prove that she can be trusted again. Obviously I have reasons to not trust her. Maybe another week later she tells me that she got tested again and that she didnt have herpes, but that she did have Chlamydia, that and she knew that Brent had it. Seriously, half a year of arguing over a lie and her blaming me for her mistakes. I gave up right then, but she still will not stop contacting me to get me to come see her. Maybe within the last few weeks or so its been more persistant. I tell her to leave me alone because I know shes talking to someone else and its just not right. I cant deal with it anymore. Friday she messaged me that she misses me and misses us and to come over. I asked whats up with you guys she says "I dont know". Sure. Im totally buying that. But anyway, I had a lot to get off of my chest and I gave her plenty of opportunity to make things right again. I told her I would message you if she didnt stop contacting me. Take it however you like. Peace.

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