What to do on MDMA?

Background: My best friend is back in town for the next couple of weeks, and we're hoping on hanging out a lot and having a lot of fun in the short time we have. We haven't seen each other since August and it's probably been the worst 4 month span of my life since I last saw him. I'm back from school for Christmas after the worst semester in my school's history due to multiple student deaths and scandals, plus I just figured out my parents are getting separated when I got home. Life is pretty shitty right now and I've been hanging with this friend a lot to take my mind off everything else.

The last time my friend and I were together back in August, we ended up rolling and going out to a lot of different parties, then we ended up back in my apartment and smoked on the comedown. It was probably one of my most memorable experiences with him and did a lot to further the close bond we've developed as friends. I want to replicate that experience with him over break to help get me through this shitty last few months. I know I shouldn't use drugs as a crutch in difficult times, and I generally haven't in the past, but I think this break presents an opportunity to to bond as friends and help me through these rough patches in life.

We're going down to my lake house for about 24 hours and I'm hoping on rolling/smoking with him while down there. He's reluctant about rolling because his main interest in rolling involves either raving or having sex with his GF, not really bonding as friends. I'm trying to convince him it'll be a fun experience even if we don't go out on the town. Do any of y'all have any recommendations as to what we could do to keep ourselves occupied while rolling? I want to walk around the woods near the house, watch the sunset on the shore of the lake, and then just chill and smoke after dark. I just want a fairly chill night where we can bond as friends, where I can take my mind off of other stuff going on in my life and just focus on our friendship.

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