Where have you done drugs and thought to yourself, "I am definitely the only person here on drugs"

Ohh, when I was microdosing LSD I was stuck with an incredibly complex task in one of my computer science courses. I had an old tab which had been exposed to high heat and shitty storage conditions so I decided to take half of it assuming the dosage would be around ~10-50ug not enough to make me trip. I needed to go to my professors office hours in order to at least get the right starting point in the project. Now up to this point microdosing was doing a pretty good job at keeping me entertained for hours coding and coming up with solutions, plus nobody had any idea I was on a low dose of acid.

When I got to office hours the whole class was in the same boat and there was a line out the door almost down the hallway of people there for the same reason as myself. I decided to stick around and start coding as I waited for my turn. I struck up conversation with my classmate and began coding as the line dwindled. I honestly had completely forgotten I ate the tab at this point.

At about ~1:20 after dosing there was three people in front on me when the hallway started getting really long and pulsating. Sounds were becoming amplified and I started to realize that the half a tab must of been the better half because I was actually starting to trip. I couldn't leave because after waiting for an hour that would seem really weird/suspicious plus I was holding conversation pretty good with this new kid I had just met so I figured what the fuck.

As I walked in I introduced myself and realized I kinda made a mistake. I instantly got really nervous and the layout of working on his computer was hard to understand as I began to show him my code. We chatted and he gave me some tips then I peaced the fuck out. I walked back home and realized my pupils were dilated as fuck and was kind of pissed at myself for being so reckless. It didn't matter though because I coded all night long and created a pretty crafty solution which I was proud of.

I did good in his class and end up seeing him from time to time. I went to his office hours again throughout the semester and there was never any talk of foul play so I assumed he didn't even notice. However it's probably been the craziest thing I've ever done and not something I'm particularity proud of.

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