What do you say to others who may call a Femcel "vain" with first-world problems?

Well, I have faced a lot of lookism issues from my dark skin, not so much my features except my lips. My dark skin, frame and lips got the most heat.

But I've never been the type to feel bad looking at a of some random as woman I don't know, lol. So I don't know.

There have been instances about shady experiences, one when I was trying to work at a white ass Victoria Secret and I swear looksmaxxed as all, nothing but white girls there, had one of the best interviews, etc and they still gave it to a white Stacy. This sounds crazy, but I'm pretty sure there was some sly stuff happening here. The manager gave a smug look a few times by regular answers. Like she was jealous and skeptical at the same time. I'm not kidding. I never forgot this experience because I thought it was possibly some shady prejudice stuff happening.

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