At what point is it okay to tell a teenager to fuck off?

I tried telling him that his insults are going too far and he just accuses me of censorship. I told him this his siblings (they’re all my cousins) are annoyed by him and he just says “good”. I complained to his mom (my aunt) and my parents, they told me he’s just a teenager and so I should be able to handle it since I’m an adult and all. We can’t go to another room to hang out because he gets “bored” and follows us and we just kind of sigh in disappointment because we just know he’ll probably start a dumb argument again in 5 minutes. Their mom doesn’t care because both she and my parents have toddlers to take care of and they’re used to this guy being rude to everyone, they just brush it off as normal sibling arguments. I can’t leave because my mom doesn’t think I spend enough time with my cousins (they only visit once every few months but I message them all except for that one multiple times a week), my brother’s borrowing my car so I can’t sneak out, I don’t have money for a Lyft, and also it’s hot as balls outside so we’re not going out there. Right now he’s just in the corner of the room on his phone not participating in the conversation, he’s usually quiet until he finds something to make fun of or mock us about. Last time I told him off was two or three visits ago, so I think early 2021, he mocked one his sisters’ tooth gap (which she’s really insecure with) and she was visibly annoyed but didn’t have the guts to say anything so I got annoyed and told him he was too ugly to go around talking about other people’s faces and my mom got really mad at me and told me to grow up, which is ironic since I already tried being civil and got basically nowhere and no help from her. At this point I might just text my brother to get back here with my car and think of an excuse to take my cousins to the mall and leave the asshole behind lol

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