What’s the best theory on UFOs or aliens you’ve ever heard?

Stacker Pentecost: Ready to drop, Mr. Choi?

Tendo Choi: Ready to drop, sir. Jaeger Conn Pod getting ready to drop.

[the Jaeger pod is placed in position ready for the drop]

Yancy Becket: Ready for the big drop.

Raleigh Becket: Ready to go.

[suddenly the pod, which is the head of the Jaeger, in which the brothers are in is dropped down and placed into position on the giant Jaeger's body]

Tendo Choi: Drop-in confirmed, sir.

Stacker Pentecost: Initiate the pilot to pilot protocol.

[the pilot to pilot mind-melding is activated and the Jaeger is taken out of the hanger]

Tendo Choi: Gipsy Danger is ready and aligned, sir.

Stacker Pentecost: Danger, this is Marshall Stacker Pentecost ready for Neural Handshake.

Tendo Choi: Starting fifteen seconds, Fourteen, thirteen, twelve, eleven, ten...

[inside the Jaeger]

Yancy Becket: Ready to step into my head, kid?

Raleigh Becket: Please, after you. Age before beauty, old man.

[Yancy smiles as they get ready to mind meld]

Gipsy Danger AI: Neural Handshake initiating.

Raleigh Becket: [voice over] The drift, Jaeger tech, based on DARPA jet fighter neural systems.

[we see the process of how the brothers start sharing memories]

Raleigh Becket: [voice over] Two pilots, mind-melding through memories with a body of a giant machine. The deeper the bond, the better you fight.

[in the command center, they keep an eye on the brothers completing their mind melding]

Tendo Choi: Neural Handshake strong and holding.

1st Officer: Right hemispheres calibrating, left hemisphere calibrating.

[we see Raleigh and Yancy completing the mind-melding process and they are able to control the Jaeger as one]

Stacker Pentecost: Gentlemen, your orders are to hold a miracle mile off Anchorage, copy?

Yancy Becket: Cop that, sir. Sir, there's still a civilian vessel in the Gulf...

Stacker Pentecost: Gentlemen, you're protecting a city of two million people. You will not risk those lives for a boat that holds ten, am I clear?

Yancy Becket: Yes, sir.

[as they sign off]

Raleigh Becket: Man, that's cold.

[Yancy doesn't reply]

Raleigh Becket: You know what I'm thinking.

Yancy Becket: I'm in your brain, I know.

Raleigh Becket: Let's go fishing. Here we go! Come on, bro! Put some muscle into it!

Yancy Becket: Just worry about yourself, kiddo.

[they both start making movements which makes the Jaeger walk into the ocean]

[as Raleigh and Yancy are making their Jaeger walk through the ocean towards the Kaiju]

Raleigh Becket: [voice over] There are things you can't fight. Acts of God, like you see a hurricane coming, you have to get out of the way. But when you're in a Jaeger, suddenly you can fight the hurricane, you can win.

[on the Alaska coastline, a fishing boat is caught in the storm] Captain Merrit: How far to the mainland? McTighe: Seven miles from Anchorage, sir. 1st Officer: But we won’t even make it past the shallow! McTighe: No, we won’t! [pointing to their radar] Captain Merrit: What about that island, three miles east? [the radar shows the island is moving] McTighe: No! It’s two miles away, sir. One mile, sir! It’s getting closer! 1st Officer: How the hell could it be getting closer?! [as they look ahead they suddenly see the Kaiju rising out of the water, the fishing then gets caught between the Kaiju and Jaeger, the Jaeger picks up the boat and diverts it away from danger, then the brothers manage to use their Jaeger to kill the Kaiju] [back at the control room after the brothers have killed the Kaiju] Tendo Choi: I detect a plasma cannon in shallow water seven miles off the coastline Stacker Pentecost: Gipsy, what the hell is going on? Raleigh Becket: Job done, sir. Lit it up twice, caught our fifth kill. Stacker Pentecost: You disobeyed a direct order! Yancy Becket: Respectfully, sir, we intercepted a Kaiju and saved everyone on that boat. Stacker Pentecost: Get back to your post, now. Raleigh Becket: Yes, sir. Tendo Choi: Kaiju signature rising. [Pentecost looks over at the screen] Tendo Choi: He’s still alive, sir. Stacker Pentecost: Gipsy, we’re still getting a signature. The Kaiju is still alive! Take the boat and get out of there. Do you copy? Take the boat and get out of there now! [the Kaiju rises from the water again and starts attacking the brother's Jaeger] Yancy Becket: Can you move forward? Raleigh Becket: I’ve got this! [as they are fighting the Kaiju, their Jaeger loses its left arm on Raleigh’s side] Yancy Becket: We’re hit! Tendo Choi: Left arm’s gone cold, sir. [as the Kaiju continues to attack the Jaeger it manages to break through the Jaeger’s hull] Raleigh Becket: He’s broken through the hull! Yancy Becket: Raleigh, listen to me! You need to… [suddenly Yancy is sucked out of the command hull] Raleigh Becket: No! No! [the Kaiju then proceeds to destroy the Jaeger with Raleigh still inside] Tendo Choi: The second discharge the comm. Sir, I’m not getting any signals. [looking dismayed, Pentecost turns away] Tendo Choi: Not signature, sir. [Pentecost starts walking away] Tendo Choi: What do we do now, sir? [later we see an old man and a child walking on the beach with metal detectors] Old Man on Beach: Now, I want you to keep your eye on that gage there. Now you know what I’d like to find? I’d like to find a whole ship, that’s what I’d like to find. [suddenly his metal detector signal gets louder] Old Man on Beach: Wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Right there! Right there! There it is! [the boy shovels out a small metal toy from beneath the snow] Old Man on Beach: Well what is it? Child: Just an old toy. We never find anything good. [the metal detector signal stars beeping again] Old Man on Beach: Listen! [the old man looks up and sees the half-destroyed Jaeger walking out of the ocean] Old Man on Beach: Oh, my God. [the Jaeger crashes onto the beach, the old man and the child run towards the cockpit] Old Man on Beach: Stay here! [the child stops and the old man keeps running until he sees Raleigh crawling out of the cockpit, Raleigh stumbles around him looking disorientated] Raleigh Becket: Yancy. Yancy. [Raleigh finally collapses; to the child] Old Man on Beach: Run! Get help, fast! [5 years later – Pentecost is meeting with UN Representatives from around the world at the military hanger in Alaska via satellite feeds] American UN Representative: The Kaiju are learning our defences. They’re adapting, evolving. We’re losing Jaegers faster than we can build them. Lima. Seattle. Vladivostok. Category 4 Kaiju’s are now coming through the breach. I think that you can see, Marshall, this is no longer a sound strategy. The frequency of the attacks has increased. The Jaegers are not the most viable line of defence anymore. Stacker Pentecost: I am aware. Those are my rangers that die every time a Jaeger falls, which is why I’m asking you for one last chance…

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