Unable to Graduate

I am in a similar situation in a different country though. I am 30 years old and now battling my way through several studies in the hope to end with a bachelors degree. I am having depressive episodes on and off for about 20 years, or at least as long as i remember. Winter is worst, been burnt out several times and still struggling/fighting or how the ** people call this insane road to achievement or getting f*cked up right.. i have nothing else so i keep going, but as i go i cherish the experiences. And i hope to share the little wisdom i learned along that way.

I have been where you are several times. And with that i can say, every setback has positives. Nice positions come and go in many forms. There is not one absolute endgame, no absolute endpoint but the obvious one. Just don't let it down and don't let go until the obvious one becomes inevitable. Life gives possibilities, new views, chances and changes. Time is both a foe and a friend, just give it the chance to show it's surprises and secrets. Better times and things will come.

Just breathe, keep thinking and negate with the foe depression is.

Respect and support.

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