what’s the difference between what American people do and what European people do?

Can you cross a state border with a pile of guns in the back of your car in America? Yes. Do weapons vaporise once you start a gun control law? No. So a single state that now has a gun control law doesn’t mean that people don’t have access to guns no more. This in no way is an arguments that owning guns is okay this is an argument why gun control laws need to be nation wide

Between 2009 and may 2018 there has been 1 school shootings in Germany 2 in france and 0 in japan, italy, france and the netherlands. (To name a few). These are all western modernised first world countries with a combined population over 416 million exceeding that of the us and they have a total of 3 school shootings in 9 years.

Now we go to America a nation with 300+ million people. In the exact same 9 year period this nation has had 288 school shootings. So 285 more then properly gun controlled nations. That’s 9600% MORE.

Finally, the media in Europe also reports on every American school shooting yet we have seen no increase in school shootings what so ever. Guess you really do need a gun to shoot. Who would’ve thought.

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