What’s the most selfless act you’ve ever witnessed by another human being?

I think i witnessed it when i did it last month. I was on dating app and an almost manly looking lady pinged me. She told me that she had been a lesbian all her life and really wanted to try it out with a guy. She really wanted to try and told me that she wasn't able to find anyone. She told me a long story basically trying to convince me. I asked for some more pics and after that I was quite sure that I have zero sexual attraction towards her. But i agreed. She came to visit me. She had a lot of hair on her body and also under arms. I was almost grossed out but i just could not tell her on her face that she should go back because I am kind of grossed out. I just played along and fucked her. She was so happy when she left and i still haven't completely gotten over the fifteen mins that I spend in bed with her. But i feel good that she got an experience which maybe she wouldn't have gotten otherwise. But i didnt want to do such an act again.

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