What’s your story of the time you were punched?

My story: One time, I was at a bar and went out to smoke a cigarette, there was this girl out there smoking a cigarette and I needed a lighter, so I asked her for one. She gave it to me and we started talking. She was like this one guy in there is being so annoying and she wants to punch him the face. I was like woah, don’t do that, you can punch me in the face because I’ve always wanted to be punched in the face. I was half kidding and she was like really!!? I think she just wanted to punch someone and I was pretty drunk so I was like why not. So her friends recorded me getting punched in the face and it was all over her snapchat and I posted it on mine and I had people messaging thinking I got in a fight when in reality it was us being idiots and having fun. Was the first and last time I got punched in the face.

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