What is a skill you are above average at? What nuance does the average person not know?

Home baking intimidates a lot of people because they don't know a few things that aren't mentioned in recipes.

Ovens need to be calibrated from time to time. Check the make and model of your oven and Google how to calibrate it.

Once an oven is properly calibrated it still won't be the same temperature throughout, it's a really high end oven. A few techniques work around that issue.

Most of the time you want to be baking near the center of the oven; ovens run hotter near the heating element. That's why oven racks are easy to move. Get in the habit of adjusting yours according to the height of the thing you're baking.

Ovens also run hotter toward the back than in the front. The way to deal with this is to rotate the trays. About midway through baking, grab an oven mitt and turn your project around 180 degrees. If you're baking cookies on two racks at the same time, it's also a good idea to swap the bottom sheet of cookies up to the top rack and the top sheet of cookies down to the bottom rack.

Another tip to help avoid burning cookies and biscuits: double the cookie sheets before putting them into the oven. When you stack two sheets right on top of each other that moderates the temperature of the dough, which helps your stuff to bake evenly.

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