What untrue rumour have you heard about yourself?

There was a rumor that I could have anyone at my school killed at any time because my father was supposedly Putin's right-wing man, effectively leaving the FSB at my disposal. Apparently, he was also a master hacker that had compromised several governments. Obviously, none of this is true, and I'm not even Russian.

At some point, I just accepted it and played along, and then a few people started saying that I was also some kind of manipulative mastermind, who could convince anyone to do any action by just talking to them for a few hours, and that it was part of my master plan not to deny it. This later also became quite a widespread rumor.

Of course, I think most people only talked about the rumors in jest, given how crazy it is, but there was this one guy in my class who was slightly naive, who believed in it 100%, and he was absolutely horrified to be around me, which was kinda sad but also kinda funny.

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