What is the weirdest thing that your OCD has made you do?

I've never actually talked about my OCD to anyone other than my mother, but I have a very unusual way to set up games on my computer. When I'm going through settings I have to click each setting three times, or alternatively, three sets of double clicks. I also have to keep the cursor on a singular pixel, and each click has to have the same timing between them. If the cursor slides off the chosen pixel or the timing of my clicks aren't roughly the same, I actually have to uninstall and download the game again before making another attempt. I'm also very fussy about where on the mouse I click, and the pressure I click with. Those things can also cause a complete restart. I usually can't play a game unless I do the whole routine, which can take hours depending on the game and has to be done within a single sitting. I've had games I've wanted to play for upwards of seven months, games where I've attempted to create a character every day for four months. It's pretty brutal!

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