What to do when you’ve run out of things to say to a girl

Buy a GoPro, get drunk with friends or go to a party, and watch the video next day. This is not a joke actually.

I had a blast last new years and ppl commented how I was the marshall of the party. By chance my friend got it all on GoPro to embarass me. But what would you know, it was very educational.

  1. I was hyped. And I got ppl hyped.

  2. I was vocal. Like announcers are important in sports, it works. "Holy shit that was awesome! One time I remember.."

  3. IDGAF, I sold a lot of stories. Boring stories became hot shit. How my friend bummed a cigarette from a known politician? "I was like no dude he has troubles as it is. But he was like my taxes my fags. No man oh no don't do it shiiit okay now I'm invested in this. Duude you gonna be the next PM? Oh no kidding? Dude we're not gonna vote for you but we have a whole lot new respect. Now what I mean? Sometimes you act like it's the house of lords....blaghblahanyway.. And that's how we totally became clowns but that dude has class as shit!!"

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