What is the worst betrayal you've ever experienced?

My ex introduced me to who would be my best friend of two years. We were friends out of proximity first but a great friendship blossomed. When we first met, I judged her harshly. She was a small town Southern girl who had never really left home, married, domestic, and Jesus fearing. We were as opposite as opposite could get but it worked and we had some of the fun I've ever had in my life together.

At the beginning of last summer I planned a trip 800 miles away to visit my hometown. She is one of the most anxious and neurotic people I had ever met, so it came to me as a surprise that she wanted to accompany me on the week long haul, especially without her husband. I was super excited for her to go out and see the world, see where I came from, and thought it would be our version of 'Thelma and Louise'.

Two months later she was on my doorstep with tears in her eyes and a bottle of wine. She sat me down and broke it to me that my boyfriend of three years, one of her bests friend, was cheating on me. She showed me everything, including a conversation between her and my ex and then the conversations between the girl he cheated on me with and that girls best friend. I threw up, she rubbed my back. She held me. She smashed his sunglasses in the driveway and helped me destroy what was left of his belongings. I stayed with her for several days while I purged my apartment of my boyfriend and his stuff.

We set off for the trip, and she had planned every single aspect of it to include spreadsheets of activities and time slots. We worked all day, packed up the car, took enough adderall to kill a horse and I banged out the entire drive in 15 hours straight. Barely 12 hours after reaching our destination, she gets off the phone (out of ear shot), having an absolute meltdown. Her Grandmother stopped breathing, and was dying/dead. She had to return back immediately. She was in hysterics as we found her a flight and figured out the details. I drove her to the airport an hour away and gave her the biggest hug and was just absolutely devastated on her behalf. She caught her flight and made it back but I didn't hear from her for a couple days.

Upon returning from my trip, I find the entire production and story about her Grandmother was a complete lie. She panicked and lied to my face. Anxiety apparently got the best of her. One of the first people she met with was my ex to tell her of our ill fated trip. Later on I found out that she shared with others that I made up everything she told me and I concocted the story of his infidelity to garner sympathy.

I don't know what happened in her mind to turn her back on me and chose a friendship with my ex over me. Regardless, her betrayal has been one of the most devastating things to have happen to me.

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