A long but thorough look at the case of General Flynn. He wanted to audit the intelligence agencies and crossed Obama by telling the truth about the Benghazi attack, so they framed him, with the help of Gulenists and the MSM.


A man takes a plea deal, pleading guilty to murder.

The man spends 14 years in prison out of a 20 year sentence that would have otherwise been a life sentence, had he not taken the plea deal.

In year 15, the man’s lawyer meets with him one day saying they’ve come across new evidence that exonerates him.

The man is released after said exonerating material is presented to the court, 15 years later.


WhY dIdN’t ThE lAwYeR jUsT pReSeNt tHe eXoNeRaTiNg eViDeNcE iN tHe FiRsT pLaCe?


That’s you. That’s what you’re going with. If you’re seriously that daft, you’ve done a great job convincing me I’m “debating” with a wall made of potato.


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