What would happen if firefighters, paramedics, or other professionals acted as brutal, corrupt, and unaccountable as some police officers have? Give us some scenarios.-- ?

It’s a completely different job that doesn’t put them out there to be the front lines dealing with violent criminals, and I don’t believe that the police are near as bad as you’ve been lead to believe. No actual statistics or data show that outside of msnbc.

With that being said there are plenty of examples of paramedics killing and hurting people on purpose and by accident. A lot of firefighter paramedics are complete hacks. Firefighters were killing people with axes in the LA riots back in the day. FFs have ran people over, started fires that killed people where they just wanted to be the hero, theyve started wildfires, and just done a bad job or bitched out and let people die. There’s Doctors nurses and teachers that abuse and rape people including children and the elderly. Doctors that are straight up serial killers or will purposely harm a person so they can attempt to be the hero and save them.

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