what is your "I don't get paid enough for this shit" moment ?

I worked as a camp counselor one summer. And the pay was pretty bad, I didn't even get minimum wage. But I got free food whenever I wanted. Anyways, there was one night that was absolutely the worst. Me and this other counselor had to stay in a cabin with about 10 kids (I don't remember their ages, but they were young). And the night started out fine, we got all the kids to sleep and then we went to sleep. But then in the middle of the night, one of the kids wakes me up and tells me that there is something wrong. I immediately get up to see what's wrong, and I'm a certified lifeguard so I'm prepared to help, and there's a kid hyperventilating because he is homesick. So I calm him down and talk to him about his homesickness. And by this time the whole cabin is up, and the other counselor is helping out. Finally things calm down and everyone is getting back to sleep. But an hour later a kid gets sick and throws up right into my backpack, which has all of my clothes. So the whole cabin is up again, and we decide to take the kid who was sick to the nurse, but the nurse is a heavy sleeper and we are knocking on her door for at least 15 minutes. We give up and decide to go back to the cabin. We get everyone settled down again and give the sick kid a trash can, and he's also in and bed close to the bathroom. So we all go to bed again, and sometimes the kid will throw up and we'll have to do some cleaning up, and we also keep trying to wake up the nurse, but we never have success. And to make our problems worse, another kid gets diarrhea. So we now have 2 sick kids and we can't send them to the nurse. And the other counselor and I get up often to check on this kids to make sure they are ok. Finally morning comes, and the other counselor and I are exhausted, but the nurse is finally up and we are able to send the kids to the nurse. On the positive side, I got to see the nice sunrise.

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