What was your F*ck it moment?

As OP, By most standards, I did a good job as a single father, two of my three kids seem to think otherwise. After sacrifing my own dreams to be a single-father in the late eighties, early nighties, I have two of three kids that have judged me to be unworthy of even speaking to. My daughter, the empath, is the only one who is emotionally mature enough to accept that I had flaws as well as strengths. Without whining about it, I'll just say that I was there. I was there for conversations, teachers meetings, and ridiculous cash money bail outs, over and over. Narcissist personality disorder is my assessment as well as my psychiatrists. Entitled, spoiled man-child and woman-child. I rejoice in my adjusted child, but for the other two, I'm at the FUKIt point. What's amazing to me is that so many other people my age are experiencing the same thing... friends and relatives. How can people just wright off their parents? These are the people that see you at your worst and still love you, regardless. They know you. Nobody is perfect kids. You'll soon find out as your kids outplay you at your own game. For anyone experiencing the same pain, I want to tell you, take pride in the work you've done. Fuck 'em. They're adults, they're ungrateful. They will get a dose of reality, and IF we're still around, we may see some actual humility. But ...live your life as "if not". Fuck 'em. You did your best. If that's not good enough for them, what can you do? Live your best life now. Find happiness in the things that give you pleasure. If they come back, accept them unconditionally. If they don't, what then? Beat yourself up for their emotional immaturity? F*ck it, my friends. You aren't measured by their assessment.

I will always love my kids no matter what. But I have been given a life to live, how sad would it be if I didn't respect that gift/life because someone I cared about saw me as inferior? You can leave your spouse. But your kids are always yours. And if things didn't turn out ideal, don't let them steal your joy. LIVE.

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