What was your light switch moment?

33m My light switch moment was similar. I wanted to be wanted by someone for once in my life which still has never happened yet. I wanted to be with someone that I really liked that rejected me long ago. She told me I was so nice but too fat to date which crushed me and screwed me up for years this was my motivation for losing 125 pounds this last year. Though It took me 10 years of hating myself and eating and regret to finally do something about it. Now though after losing all the weight just hit my goal of 175 not long ago I’ve never felt this good my hole life and this person I mentioned now comes around acts interested in me but no chance I’m giving her a chance. I made something of myself and been successful and I wasn’t good enough for her then I’m not giving her a chance now. Maybe it was all worth it losing the weight people definitely treat you nicer when you aren’t fat. Maybe someday day it’ll be all worth it and I’ll find someone. But honestly being overweight my hole life I never new you could feel this good physically and mentally so I guess it was all worth it.

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