What do you have ZERO sympathy for?

Really...I am an independent, not L or R. That particular video may not be edited, but you’re not very smart if you cannot see how the media played this up. The meaning is definitely twisted. Have you looked it up elsewhere or just CNN? He’s not mocking the guy for being disabled for God’s sake, He’s mocking the things he said. Did you know some people can be physically handicapped, but they’re competent mentally, and they can be held accountable for the dumb shit they say too—just like people that aren’t physically handicapped??? That’s just the damn way he talks. Yes, much of the time he does not speak eloquently—and he says stupid shit, I do not deny that . He’s not a career politician. I could also send you links..but it doesn’t matter, believe your CNN. So close minded for belonging to a supposed ‘tolerant’ party. I watch multiple news channels, not just the ones who will tell me what I want to hear. Want to know what kind of shit looks bad on a “National stage”. how about Clinton receiving blow jobs in the Whitehouse??? How bout his fucking wife sitting on her hands while our men were tortured? How about Obama making beer in the Whitehouse while the country is falling apart? And how about the fact that 80% of the laws he wants to ENFORCE were put there by the dems. So funny...you’re so naive to think the leftists are so open and honest with and don’t edit anything to make it fit into their bs. They ALL play this stupid game you’re falling for. PEACE.

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