What's a Childfree thought you have, that you wouldn't say anywhere but the safety of this sub?

I don’t understand children or why anyone would want them. I’m autistic, and I struggle a lot already with being able to read facial expressions and emotions. When that’s all a baby has to communicate, topped with the fact that crying could mean 20 different things instead of just “I’m sad or angry,” and how my sensory issues would make incessant crying and smelly diapers/puke literal torture (no joke my brain perceives these things as danger, and a reason to have a panic attack), I’m extremely stressed out just being around them.

But people just treat it like I’m a freak that needs to get used to these things. Like autism is something I can just tuck away and suffer through the crying and smells and social anxiety for their comfort. Ironically I feel like I can’t bring this to autistic subs, because there are a lot of parents there who would take offense (and already have when I tried posting complaints about my family forcing my baby nephew on me—a lot just said I needed to learn how to deal with babies but the point was I don’t want to )

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