What's the most fucked up thing someone has told you about themselves after barely getting to know them? [NSFW]

One of the dangers of using grindr in a really conservative area is running into guys who have never had a good friend or even like, a good therapist visit, in their life, and unload everything on you at the first sign openness.

Anyway, probably the guy who responded to "so what are you looking for" with "I don't know, I'm really just trying to explore myself right now, this is all so new and hard for me, etc" just message after message about his abusive father and his experiences with homophobia at home, at school, and in the military, and just how much he's struggling to keep his head above water and how he's on grindr late at night because he got taken off his medication for insomnia because he was suicidal but he's suicidal cause his mom just died and she was the only person who ever protected him from his father and just

We're a community and I know it's hard and want to support you dude but when I asked "what are you looking for" I meant "do you want me to just suck you off in your car or do you want to make a night out of it"

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