What's the most overrated thing about the US?

Vegas is fan-freaking-tastic for the right individual. I was there for a horse show not two long ago and have 2 more free stays to use.

To go for a weekend and blow off steam you can't beat it. The only place morally acceptable to drink at 9am. Actually, the only place you'll look out of place not holding a tall boy at 9am.

And the food? Damn don't get me started! The Bellagio has the BEST buffet. There is food open all around 24/7. You want greasy burgers and fries you can get that. You want filet mignon you can get that. You want a dish from one of the most renowned chefs in the world you can get that!

Have you ever appreciated the architecture of Vegas? Ever walked under a ceiling of hand blown glass? Seen an entire artistical scape made purely of flowers that imitates whatever holiday/season it is?

Not to mention the shops! M&M factory, yes please! Candy shops with the most bizarre sweets that are brilliant. Too many touristy gifts to indulge in as well.

Then you have the Statue of Liberty with a freaking rollercoaster. You see the Eiffel Tower that can be toured to the top. Statue of David. Excalibur. It's art and history placed all right in front of you.

The shows! The most amazing shows. Concerts, festivals, circuses, comedy shows, whatever you want you can find in Vegas.

Of course there's the people of the street, too. Want to see Spiderman, minions, Mini Me, and Indiana Jones all in one night? Vegas, man. Want to see girls dressed up in pasties or a guy playing on bucket drums? Vegas. Want to pay a guy $20 to kick him in the balls? VEGAS.

I'm sorry, but Vegas is the best. It's this adult playground that you can go buckwild in and not feel guilty or out of place. For once you're not the freak. You can meet a hundred people there, all from around the world, or even run into superstars that give you VIP tickets to their next show. In Vegas you truly never know what will happen and that's the beauty. You might end up in jail rolling on molly with herpes from a tranny prostitute but man that's VEGAS!

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