What's stopping you from suicide?

I have the typical reasons, of parents and pets.

I'm not exactly suicidal, but I am looking forward to dying.

Besides the common reasons, I think they main thing keeping me holding on is curiosity. We live in pretty wondrous times. I wonder what technology will be like in another 10 years? 20? When I'm 90 in 2074, What will the world be like? (At the rate we are currently going, I'm wondering if we will see the fall of society in our time. but that is another topic discussion entirely.)

I've always liked machines better than people. Odds are looking good of having decent AI eventually. In the future I might be able to have friends. Synthetic ones sure, but does it matter? I don't think to me it would. You never know what breakthrough is just around the corner. My enthusiasm is often dashed, as for as much as I love the possibilities of the future, that little voice in the back of my mind reminds me to stay grounded, about how people are greedy and that will always be an obstacle to true progress. But you never know. I just want to see what lies ahead, for better or worse. Its like, I'm already on this ride might as well not get off till it ends under its own means, how ever tempting it might be to jump when i can. I know my luck so sometimes I think I exist simply for spite. Like, the day I off myself the very next day we would finally make alien contact.

....I'm also rambling so I think I'm going to force myself to stop here.

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