What's the worst example of bad parenting you've ever witnessed?

I would have to say my own based on my own childhood. I can give you a long list of examples if you would like because it'll help me vent.

  • At 4-5, when I was bad, my mother threatened to lock me in a room that is similar to an attic.
  • At 4-5 years old, I did something bad. So I was forced to stand outside a gate and I didn't know why I didn't go back in. I wet myself on the stairs.
  • My hair was pulled when I was learning how to drive. Have my hair short from now on.
  • I was raised believing that you are born smart. Yesterday for example I was told to marry a smart guy otherwise my child will end up stupid. (Keep telling family I don't want kids.)
  • I got beatened for picking a college that was 40 minutes away while my sibling wasn't.
  • I used the money I earn to treat my family. My mother didn't touch anything and she complained the entire time. When I got angry at my family for not speaking up about the restaurant I picked, my mother got angry and thought that ladida I earned money and now I'm some type of big shot.
  • I was told and still to this day to be a good girl. (I'm 21)
  • Everything was almost an ultimatum if I didn't do what was asked of me. Imagine someone dumping out your shit and giving you a trash bag.
  • Getting a knife placed under your throat. I know I wouldn't get killed, but still..
  • Being told stress is normal but you can never quite talk to family about it without it being some lecture. But oh no, don't go to therapy because those people are trying to make money off of you.
  • Getting beatened 3 times in one day.
  • Never taking much interest in what I did growing up or encouraging me to do different shit. EXPECTS me to know what I want even though for most of my life all I did was studied.
  • Never apologizing to me, but they believe I owe them one every single time. Then contradicting themselves when they say I don't like hearing you say sorry.
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