What's your best walk of shame story?

I was very shy in grade school. So shy that sometimes I just try to hold my shit in instead of asking to go to the bathroom. Well this one unfortunate day, we were having an assembly in our gymasium and we were seated by class. The nearest bathrooms were also back in our building. Suddenly I had this overwhelming need to shit. I immediately start sweating my shirt. I tell myself that I can hold it in until I get called to the stage (we were in an awarding ceremony). Then when my row were called to stand up and form a line to stand in the stage I feel something wet in my underwear. I start thinking "OH SHIT O SHIT" (pun intended), then I tell to myself to just suck it up and be a man because we were approaching the stage at this point. I could somehow tell that my fellow awardees were smelling the utter garbage of a smell coming from me. I even saw my teacher wrinkle her nose when awarding me. Safe to say that the walk back to my seat was NOT pleasant. Had to sit out the rest of the awarding with a fucking liquid turd in my underwear and a mass of pissed off seatmates.

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