Whats your favorite saves/greatest achievments in your Football Manager career?

My greatest save ever

Cm 01/02: Barnet

Failed to gain promotion from the conference in my first three seasons (only the champion goes up). In my third season I sold my main striker for 3.7 million euro to Wolverhampton.

That sale set in motion a series of events that culminated in Barnet reaching the semi-final of the CL before my save-file got corrupted.

Used the 3.7 million to buy a new striker (not important), an unknown Spanish midfielder by the name of Josep Cano and invest heavily in my youth academy.

Josep Cano is absolutely unreal with double figures in assists and goals each year and I have four consecutive promotions. I win the Conference, win the third division, win the second division (I buy an 18-year old German defender) and by winning the play-offs in the first division end up in the Premier League. By now my youth system is spewing out English internationals and the German defender I picked up in the Second Division is an absolute monster. Unfortunately this is also where Josep Cano hits his ceiling and although he was still with the club when we won the Premier League he wasn't a starter. The next year we were on our way to win the Premier League again and had a CL semi-final against Barcelona when my save file got corrupted.

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