Whats your favourite memory with your friends?

One time I was playing D&D with some friends and we decided to go get some food in the middle. The guy who was driving couldn’t fit all of us in his car, so I just got in the trunk. As we were leaving the restaurant parking lot, we didn’t want it to look like I was getting kidnapped, so one of my friends opened the trunk in a “M’lady” kind of gesture and I nodded and got in. Oddly enough that wasn’t the first time I rode in the trunk with those friends.

Another time I was hanging out at a friends house on a snow day, and the friend was obsess with the song My Heart will go On from Titanic for some reason. She started playing it on her phone, but her phone lost connection and it stopped. We forgot about it, and kept talking, but a little while later we were surprised to hear “neeeeear faaaaar whereEEEEEEEEVER YOU ARE,” seemingly coming out of the snow, having completely forgotten about her phone.

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