When are we going to go back into lock down?

And how many people fall into that category? The many 70 year olds I know have plenty of social security and assets. Sure there are some older poor folks, but most that I know usually end up in some public type housing project set aside for the elderly only. They are still eligible for other various welfare programs like food stamps, EBT, and Medicaid. I'm sure there is something we could do about these individuals.

The other option is to treat everyone equal and just lock it all down, shared misery. Kids don't get in-person school, they don't get to have team sports, birthday parties, holiday parties, etc..

If we want to stop the spread, just offer a $35K/year UBI for all. It should include everyone who wants to not work and stay safe at home, including essential workers. Enough people will quit their retail jobs there won't be anything open restaurant and bar wise.

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