When to move, when to settle?

This part of your post leaped out at me:

I hate my state's politics, and I hate how people graduate college, buy a beige house in the suburbs, pop out kids/turn boring by the age of 26. My girlfriend keeps telling me to settle down, move in together, to buy a house, to plant roots for our lives together.

It really seems like you and your girlfriend have completely different goals. Moving in opposite directions. Her goals are moving on the track of exactly the things you were against.

You said in your original post that she doesn't want to move. So you're really going to have to choose between her or moving.

I'd say to ask yourself:

  • Which decision gets me more excited?

On the flip side:

  • What would I regret more, if I didn't do it?

That can help guide your process. Another quote that might help is that the hardest thing to do is usually the right thing to do. You could also write two lists: benefits of moving and benefits of staying. If one list is much longer than the other, the choice is clearer.

You might also want to think for your girlfriend's benefit. Is it fair to her to have a boyfriend who wishes he were somewhere else? Who could potentially blame and resent her for keeping him from moving?

From your post:

I love the mountains. Whenever I am in them, I am SO HAPPY. I love skiing. I love backpacking. I love mountain biking. I love BEING ACTIVE. I usually travel out west once a year, and it's the highlight of my life. I love the scenery. I love the people. I love the vibe of mountain life. I feel healthier. More people are doing active things outside with each other, instead of drinking heavily while watching organized sports. I love any area with lots of vertical terrain; the roads are even better since they slither around the earth and are a joy to drive.

Your excitement and joy shines through in that excerpt. It's like you're already there in your mind's eye. When you do settle, it should be because you've found a place, a partner and a life you never want to leave.

Good luck.

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