TIFU by losing my phone...

and having another redditor find it. You forgot your phone at 7 eleven and you can meet me here at 2:30 to get it. I can't think of another way of contacting you due to your only two contacts being "pizza" and "free ride". You are now subbed to some ahem long and hard subreddits and I hope you enjoy that. I also took a selfie with the cool cashier so that will be in your photos and as your wallpaper.

Edit:Just 40 minutes till I meet IMelted at 7/11. Hopefully he saw this

Edit 2: 20 Minutes. Also everyone keeps wanting me to post the picture of me and the cashier but I really like to keep my identity to myself. It will be up to IMelted if he wants to post a picture of him and the phone if he sees this and meets up with me but I'd prefer to keep my face to myself.

Edit 3: Using up all this guy's battery posting :(

Edit 4: Tried calling "pizza" and it is a dead line

Edit 5: 2:30...No sign of IMelted but i'll stay for a half an hour. I'm gonna shut off his phone due to 10 percent battery so no updates. If he doesn't show up by 3:00 i'll kick it back on and update you all

Edit 6: Holy shit I just got my phone back from the guy at seven eleven! He told me to not use his name on reddit so I will keep referring to him as "guy". So before I do anything else I would like to explain why my contacts are only "free ride" and "pizza". Free ride is my mom just like the one comment he put said. I really am surprised that the guy didn't try and call free ride and I'm not sure his logic in not calling it but I didn't ask. The contact Pizza is Domino's pizza so I have no idea why it was a dead line for the guy. I only have 2 contacts because I just bought this phone about a week ago and the guy at my provider forgot to change over my contacts from my old phone so I've just kept with my 2 needed contacts (yes pizza is needed) until I can go back to the store and get them to transfer them. I found out about this post by (after freaking out that I just lost my new phone) checking reddit during my computer class at school. I logged in and saw I had a lot of messages that lead me to this post. We only have 1 seven eleven near us so I knew that was the one he was referring to. I will try and answer any other questions you all may have. I am just really appreciative that this guy did not just run away with my new phone and leave me screwed - He went the extra mile to meet me at seven eleven and I am really thankful for that. I am home now and I will show you a picture of my phone (sorry I removed the background at his request, and I added a passcode!)


PS: Fuck Jenny

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