Where are you in life and are you satisfied?

I completed my very first internship a couple of months back and am currently employed on a contract basis with the same organization I interned at. About six months in and I like my work so far. It's what I have wanted to do all along and it feels good to have finally landed my niche. Sure, it's not a smooth sail through and through and it can be mentally taxing at times, but a smooth sea has never made a skillful sailor! It's fun and exciting to learn new things in practice, so I feel like the joy of learning and the sheer satisfaction of successfully seeing a task through overrides the hiccups for me.

Also, recently bought myself a laptop (that I was planning to buy since like the last two years) and got my parents presents with the money I have been saving since my high school days and the money I earned through my very first and current job. Seriously, knowing that you earned the money through your hard work and merit, rather than it being provided to you, feels so, so satisfying.

I have also (re-)taken up reading as an active hobby after a gap of a few years, and have started maintaining a routine of pleasure-reading for an hour or so every night before bed.

All in all, life is going good right now. I'm a bit of a starry-eyed young adult who has just stepped into the wide world, and the much talked about disillusionment of adulting is yet to set in. But I intend to make the best of this phase of life while it lasts.

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