Where are the peer-reviewed journals and lab reports for the “Scientifically proven” Eucharistic miracles?

The whole idea of a scientifically proven miracle is absurd even if we put away this idea of scientific proof (rather than strong evidence). At best, the scientific method will tell you there is no plausible or even remotely plausible explanation. Personally, id advise you avoid videos and commentators making these claims, as they very rarely pan out.

The good thing is the entire area falls under private revelation which means its truth or falsehood is completely irrelevant in any meaningful way. Catholicism and Christianity both revolve around the resurrection. That either happened or it is all a lie.

As far as these Eucharistic miracles, I too haven't been able to find peer-reviewed literature on the subject. This makes me suspect is that the work is done independently perhaps by someone with appropriate expertise, perhaps not. In any event, the work either was not published in a traditional journal or it did not pass peer review or both.

As far as the shroud of Turin, again the truth and falsehood of the faith don't turn around this particular object.

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