Which job did you quit fastest?

Line cook at Red Robin, I was only there for about two months. I was fresh out of college during the recession and having a hard time finding any jobs in my field, so I started applying for shitty restaurant jobs to make ends meet. During my interview, I straight up told them that I was a hard worker and I'd do the job, but I didn't really want to work at Red Robin and just needed money. I told them I'd leave as soon as I found something better. They were like "that's cool, we know how that goes, you're hired."

Two months later I found something better and put in my notice lol. It was the worst-managed restaurant I'd ever worked in, so it was a huge relief to leave. Turnover was absolutely insane, by my second month I was the most senior kitchen worker for most of my shifts. On my last day, multiple people told me they were surprised I even showed up - most people would quit by simply ghosting.

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