Whichever dev/exec that has a hard on for the DZ at Massive

dude all this DZ complaining is crazy man, occupied DZ is different and I'd understand if they were forcing pve players into the Occupied DZ. The normal DZ's barely have ANY pvp and more times than not, you clear landmarks with other squads, and this fear of getting killed in the DZ by a rogue player is insane because it doesn't hurt you at all, it only hurts them once you kill them and you lose AT MOST 5 pieces of gear, but when you're filled up on contaminated gear, the amount of gear you've already picked up that you get to keep massively outweighs those 5 pieces... People need to stop being so afraid of the DZ because you get so much more PVE in regular DZ's than PVP and the amount of pve and the sheer volume of PVE in the DZ is more than you could get in the open world in the same amount of time

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