Who cares whether you think these women are likable. They’re in power now.

I had the privilege of attending a prestigious law school that often had judges, politicians, and diplomats give talks. Senator Warren was an extremely disappointing speaker.

Am I sexist for not thinking she can win the presidency based on her lackluster performance in a room full of intelligent, knowledgeable students? If she failed to handle a room full of people who want to hear what she has to say, how will she win over the rest of the country?

Compared to other speakers, including female politicians, SCOTUS justices, governors, and diplomats, I don't think she has the "likability" factor that is so key to becoming POTUS.

Am I sexist?

I'm not saying I wouldn't vote for her; I like many of her policies. I just fear that the democrats would be chasing another candidate that will fail to bring out the vote. In my view, she'd need to stop being so "politician-y" and get into the mud pit with trump, or have a really, really charismatic VP who isn't afraid to get in the mud pit with Trump.

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