Woman detained in Moscow carrying severed head of toddler

In history, how many horrific crimes have been committed by individuals shouting ALLAHU ACKBAR without being muslim? How many muslims decide to go 'BOOM' like confetti to kill the infidels? How many muslims hurt innocent people due to their religious and political propaganda?

Please take a brief look through this.html) page before reading the rest of my comment. Terrorists can call themselves Muslim. That doesn't mean they are following Islam. Islam prohibits the killing of innocent individuals, but these people do it anyways. If they were really Muslims, why would they completely disregard one of the most important principles written in the Quran? Because they were told what they are doing is right. Uneducated people make decisions based on the amount of influence something (in this case extremist groups) has on their impressionable mind.

The number of extremists "going boom like confetti" or hurting innocent people should not invoke any connotation with the principles of Islam, because IT IS NOT ISLAM. Would Adolf Hitler calling himself Muslim mean Islam promotes horrible events like the Holocaust? Of course not. The KKK calls itself a Christian Organization, does that mean Christians should go around lynching minorities? Of course not. Islam is not the problem, the problem is the condition of the areas being subjected to manipulation by extremist groups who call themselves Muslim in order to unify uneducated people under a twisted view that terrorism=benefit.

muslims should not be trusted. Ignoring problems don't solve them. If this was your child you would fucking be outraged.

What? How is saying that Muslims should not be trusted fair in any way, shape, or form? There are Muslims in the US army fighting for your freedoms, asshole. Are you seriously saying they can't be trusted because of some dickheads that call themselves Muslim tricking people into killing themselves? And if it was my child of course I would be outraged. But I would be outraged at a psychotic, drug-abusing woman having family issues, or even outraged at the people that made her believe what she does, not at the fundamentals of a religion that I know inherently promotes peace. I'm not hiding behind anything, as I've educated myself on the topic of Islam. You, on the other hand, are hiding behind the conclusion that the principles of Islam instigate violence. I encourage you to read more about the religion, as you'll see that you're putting blame in all the wrong areas.

Look at how they behave towards women for one. Women are not simply fuckholes for male pleasure.

Here lies my fundamental disagreement with both Christianity and Islam (as well as homosexuality). For one, Christianity apparently sees women as "impure" during their menstrual cycle. Christianity also says women are impure for one week after giving birth to a female, but two weeks after giving birth to a male. Islam says women should cover themselves in public as to confine their beauty to only their husbands' eyes. Both religions are oppressive towards women. If you're saying Islam creates horrible people because of it's view towards women, would you say Christianity creates, at the very least, bad people? Probably not. Women's rights in other areas have not improved as much as in the US because constant turmoil and corruption have inhibited the general advancement of those regions. This statement leads back to my main point that an improvement in education and a reduction of poverty would lead to a better Muslim world, leading to a better view of Islam. Like you said, "ignoring problems don't (doesn't?) solve them". Insulting a religion with mostly peaceful, sane followers does not solve issues any more than ignoring the problems at hand.

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