Woman feared she couldn't afford ambulance after her leg was trapped by a subway train

Shit, i did this recently when I was being misdiagnosed by the closest hospitals and they didn't want to drive past like 4 other hospitals and go 45 minutes to one where I though they would actually figure out what was wrong. I actually got a taxi that my apartment complex called because my phone died completely, I only had a credit card on me and the guy knew this when he picked me up, but he kept saying we needed to go to an ATM before the hospital and I'm like yeah... no. but he wouldn't listen. He actually ended up dropping me off about a mile and a half early from the hospital due to the argument, I found out later he still charged my CC like 110 bucks, and I hobbled the rest of the way there while having an attack of Gillian barre syndrome from the knee down and transverse myelitis from c2-t6. Fun.

Fuck taxis, I got ubers to physical therapy and doctors appointments after that experience. And speaking as someone who used to do transport "ems" on the side, which is basically just taking people who are too ill to be in a car to the doctors, physical therapy, whatever, I think the uber ride if possible is probably much more enjoyable. Although they always asked me what was wrong with me, and many told me I needed to pray and god would heal me. But aside from that...

TLDR: yeah, some of us use uber for our medical needs. Fuck taxis in general, and most uber drivers are slightly annoying but they'll get you to where you need to go

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